An effective interior designer has the ability to transform the needs and wants of a client into a vision within a given budget and timeframe. At EM reDesign our creative minds provide personalized interior design solutions with a variety of products and knowledge on sustainable living and innovation. As an experienced design firm, EM reDesign creates unique and affordable interiors for residential and commercial spaces.

In 2001, Edgar Marroquin launched EM reDesign in San Francisco, California, working with clients in Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. In 2005, Marroquin relocated to New Mexico and is now expanding to Denver, Colorado.

EM reDesign thrives in creating sophisticated, straightforward, and budget-conscious interiors. Our goal is to create a unified and unique interior inspired by artwork, furniture, or other decorative items, and see potential in every décor and accessory. With Edgar Marroquin’s creativity and education in set design, he is also able to synthesize color and light into interior spaces with more drama and life.